Thursday, February 11, 2010

How do I paint over crackle finish in my bathroom?

I don't know if this belongs on walls, but my entire 8x5 bathroom is crackle finished and I want to paint over it. So far, I've sanded off the rough edges, but didn't sand the wall smooth. Then I applied 3 coats of ';no sand'; latex primer. The problem is you can still feel and see the texture underneath the primer. I bought 3 palm sanders and 60 grit sand paper, but I'm not strong enough to use any of them efficiently.

So, is there an alternative to sanding or is an electric sander ok to use? Won't it eat into the drywall? Should I spackle the walls instead of sanding? Paint stripper? Help.How do I paint over crackle finish in my bathroom?
I'd just get some drywall mud and smooth over it...then, you can ';wet sand'; when it's dry with a damp cloth or old piece of t shirt. Keep rinsing whatever you use, get a bucket of clean water.

Don't press too hard when you're sanding it, or you'll make more ridges.

Before you ';sand';, scrape down any ridges with you're drywall thingy (trowel?).

You can make it smooth as glass like that.How do I paint over crackle finish in my bathroom?
You might want to strip off the latex primer, get down as far as possible to the crackle finish.

You'll want to sand the walls smooth. You can use an electric hand sander (random orbital) but do not use a belt sander (too aggressive). Of course be careful with the electric sander.. keep it moving never staying in one spot to long.

after you sand smooth look for a heavy base primer before you paint.
Maybe buy a paint stripper that you paint on and wait for the surface to bubble and then scrap away. After that you will still have to sand a bit to make sure your walls are really smooth. Just did this in my bathroom. The first time they weren't smooth enough and everything showed thru the primer and paint. Had to re-do everything.
think backwards on this one. Dont remove..Fill in. Get some waterproof plaster or sheetrock mud and trowel it on and then trowel it off smooth. A quick sand after it dries and you might be okay.
Why not apply a heavy stipple, then the rough edges/tips can be sanded off with a palm sander.

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